Why Do You Have A Bad Cell Signal At Home?

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Bad cell signal is a nightmare to everyone. It is very irritating when you experience call drops and slow data speed. There are a number of reasons why you experience a poor cell reception at your home. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for a bad cell signal at your home.

The Structure Of The Building

If you are living in an apartment building and it has solid, thick walls, metal doors, glass windows, too many electronic devices, etc. you might not receive a good cell signal. The main reason for this might be the design of the building. The design of the building might not be ideal for getting a good cell phone reception.

Surrounding Objects

The cell signals interfere with every object that comes across in their path. The objects that come between the cell tower and your device will have some degree of interference on the signal. These objects may be trees, hills, building materials such as wire mesh, concrete, piping, metals, etc. Sometimes the dust in the air can interfere with the cell signal and reduce its strength.

Too Many Devices

Cell reception gets weak when there is too much traffic on the cell tower. You often see that during big sports or events. When too many devices work at once from the same location, it will result in more call drops and slower data speed. When you arrange a party in your house and too many people show up, then also you might experience a poor cell reception at your home.

Distance From The Cell Tower

If your house is located in the coverage area of a cell tower, you will receive a good cell signal. But if the nearest cell tower from your house is at a great distance, you might not get a quality cell signal. This is because the strength of the signal decreases with distance. This will result in dropped calls, undelivered text messages, and slower internet speed.

Above shared are a few reasons for having bad cell reception at home. To get rid of the problem you can use a cell phone booster.

Cell Phone Booster

The best solution for the bad signal strength at your home is a cell phone booster. It is a device that will improve the cell reception in your house by increasing the strength of the cell signal. The cell phone repeater mainly has three components. The outside antenna receives the weak cell signal and sends it to the amplifier via coaxial cable. The amplifier boosts the cell signal by many folds and the inside antenna rebroadcasts the boosted signal to all the devices in the house. Thus, you will be able to enjoy clearer voice calls and uninterrupted internet access.