The Different Kinds Of Cell Service Boosters

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Cell Phone Jammers
Mobile Signal Repeater For Home
Mobile Signal Repeater For Home

Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of our modern lifestyle and this has been increasing over the years. Simultaneously, issues pertaining to bad signal reception and connectivity are also on the rise due to rising traffic. There are multiple ways in which you can either totally or partially solve this. Among these, one of the most foolproof and reliable methods is using a Cell Service Booster. These are devices that capture weak cell phone signal, boost it and then retransmit back to your phone. Listed below are the different types of cell phone signal boosters that are suitable for various purposes.

Home/Office Signal Booster

It is obvious from the name that this type of signal booster is suitable for small spaces such as home or home office that has 2 or 3 rooms. Their typical coverage area ranges between 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft, and this varies between different models as well as the requirement. Besides, the final output is dependent on the quality of the input signal i.e. the strength of the carrier signal coupled with the type of outside antenna used to capture the input signal. You should bear in mind that the length of the cable between the booster and the outside antenna also determines the quality of the input signal. As the length increases the signal quality drops. So try to keep this length to the minimum.

In-Building Signal Booster

Compared to home office signal booster, in-building signal boosters can cater to a larger area ranging between 6,000 to 100,000 sq. ft. These are again divided into 2 types, one that covers smaller areas is called commercial signal booster and the one that covers larger areas is called industrial signal booster. These devices are pre-approved by the service provider and require professional grade system design and installation. Besides, they also require registration with the service provider after installation before their initial use.

M2M Signal Booster

M2M (Machine to Machine) signal boosters are devices that are used for the communication of connected devices such as IoT devices as well as for the functioning of connected applications. For example they are used in common applications such as Bank Automated Teller Machines (ATM), vending machines, and such devices that use mobile applications to wirelessly transfer data without human interference. Besides, they are direct connect signal boosters i.e. the signal booster cable is directly connected to the cellular modem ensuring reliable tracking.

Vehicle Signal Booster

This type of signal booster is used to improve cellular connectivity inside vehicles and like other boosters they have an outside antenna, amplifier and an inside antenna or transmitter. This is a reliable solution to ensure good cell phone connection when you are travelling or on a long road trip.

Most service providers offer their pre-approved mobile signal repeater for home where the connectivity is bad. So, it is better to avail this as it is a very reliable option.