How To Improve Cell Service In A Dead Zone?

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Sometimes our phone suddenly loses signal reception when we are on call while moving. This happens when you are in a dead signal zone. A dead zone is an area where the cell signal is very poor or none. It can be due to obstacles like buildings or due to far distance from the nearest cell tower. These days, when most of us rely on our cell phones to connect to the outer world we find this poor signal quite troublesome. We may encounter many problems like not getting a signal when in need to do an emergency call.

What Causes Dead Zones?

The dead zone can be due to various buildings or similar structures blocking the signal to the area. It can be due to the vehicle or the building if we are inside it since glass/windows can block the signal. The signal strength can be less due to the bad weather, fog or dust storms. Most of the times the reason can be that the distance of the nearest cell tower is too far away from the place we are in.

Tips For Getting Cell Service In A Dead Zone

  • Check out a dead zone map before you plan to travel or is moving to a rural area. Having an idea of where the nearest cell tower can help us. We can get a better idea of dead zone areas.
  • Try to get a mobile hotspot. Turn your Wi-Fi connection ON and see whether you can get a connection.
  • Check the cell tower map to find the closest cell tower and try to get a signal by moving to that direction.
  • Try using a microcell which connected to a router, works with broadband internet and boosts the signal into few rooms of the building if indoor. Here our phone will be working on the internet instead of the network but only work with one carrier.
  • Make sure your phone is updated to the latest update. We install the necessary updates in the settings.
  • Try to switch to another carrier. If the carrier shows dead zone in the area switch to another which has a cell tower near our place.

Use A Signal Booster

The best way to get a signal in a dead zone is to get a cell phone signal booster which is the most reliable option. A cell phone booster improves the signal strength of the area by amplifying the existing signal and thus allowing the users to get strong signal reception.