All You Want To Know About Antennas In Cell Service Booster

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Cell Phone Service Booster

One of the best and foolproof solutions for getting proper cellular signal reception is to use a cell phone service booster. This device captures the weak cellular signal from the cellular tower, amplifies it and retransmit it to your phone, and back to the cellular tower. It consists of three units: outside antenna, amplifier, and inside antenna(s) to transmit the amplified signal to your phone. Moreover, the placement of both the inside and outside antennas affects the quality of the boosted signal. Read ahead to have a better understanding about it.

Outside Antenna Or Donor Antenna

There are mainly two types of outside antennas, they are omnidirectional antenna and unidirectional antenna.

Omnidirectional Antenna: Omnidirectional antenna capture signals from a 360o field and is mainly used if you have to receive and boost signals from multiple carriers. Because of this, its gain is low and hence is only suitable if the signal is moderately strong. In case the cellular signal strength is low, you have to use a directional antenna like the yagi antenna.

Unidirectional Antenna: A unidirectional antenna like the yagi antenna captures signals from the direction to which it is pointed. Compared to an omnidirectional antenna, this one has higher gain and is highly effective in picking up weak cellular signals. Also, this type of antenna is suitable for receiving signals from one carrier. Moreover, you can install more than one yagi antennas, but they must be placed 10 feet apart and must not point at each other, to avoid oscillation.

Inside Antenna(s)

The coverage area or range of inside antenna(s) of a cell signal booster depends on three factors: physical barriers, the power of the amplifier or the booster, and the quality of the signal from the outside antenna. There are mainly two types of inside antennas and they are listed below.

Dome Antenna: These are omnidirectional antennas. They broadcast the amplified signal in 360o and are more suitable for covering a single floor.

Panel antenna: These are directional antennas that can broadcast the boosted signal to a targeted area. The signal strength will be high and multiple antennas can be used to increase the coverage area.

Antenna Placement

The outside antenna must be placed as high as possible to get the best signal reception from the carrier. Also, unidirectional antennas must be pointed in the direction of the nearest cellular tower of the carrier. The inside antenna(s) are installed according to the layout of the building. To get the maximum coverage, they must be installed on the ceiling.

These are the important things that you should understand about antennas of cell service boosters.