When Are Splitters, Taps, And Combiners Used In Cell Signal Boosters?

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Sometimes While using a cell signal booster, a user will have to install two internal antennas for increasing the coverage. In some other cases, it might be necessary to use more than one external antennas for a single booster. In such situations, you might need to use some additional accessories for your cell phone signal boosters for splitting or combining the signals. This is where devices like splitters, taps, and combiners can be beneficial for you. They are designed for serving different purposes. Hence, we list their uses for helping you to know whether they can be useful for your situation.


A splitter can be used if you want to set up more than one antenna for your signal booster. There are different types of splitters available for you to support two, three, or four internal antennas. Hence, you can get a splitter based on the number of antennas you want to install.

Splitters can be beneficial for you if you want to support multiple antennas that are installed at the same distance from the amplifier. It can send signals uniformly through each port, therefore, all antennas receive signals equally. So if the antennas are situated at unequal distances, then the gain of each antenna will be different, as the strength of the signals can reduce when they travel through the cables for reaching the antenna. So when the distance of the antennas from the amplifier varies, the distance these signals will have to travel will also vary. This can cause differences in the gain each antenna receives.

When the signals pass through the splitter, their gain can slightly decrease. Moreover, as the number of ports increase, the gain reduction can also increase.


The purpose of using taps is also for splitting signals between different internal antennas. But they are designed for supporting antennas that are situated at unequal distances from the amplifier. The antenna situated at the longest distance from the amplifier will need maximum signals, as the gain of the signals can considerably decrease when they travel through the cables. Hence, taps can split signals between antennas based on their distance from the amplifier.


A combiner is designed for combining signals from different sources. It can be useful for combining the signals coming from different external antennas before they reach the amplifier. Also, it can combine the signals from multiple amplifiers before they reach the internal antenna.

Splitters, taps, and combiners are designed for different purposes. Hence, you can get them for your cell signal booster based on your requirement.