What Are Dead Zones And What Can You Do To Fix It?

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You might have heard the term dead zones associated with cell phone signals. These are areas where there is no cell reception. Hence, you will not be able to experience cell service from dead zones. People living in rural and remote areas often experience this issue. A common solution that is used to overcome the problems associated with dead zones is cell signal boosters, which are devices that are capable of boosting cell phone signals. Hence, through this article, we explain more about dead zones and how cellular signal boosters can help you to avoid this issue.

Dead Zones

Dead zones are areas where there is very poor cell reception. Hence, you may not be able to enjoy cell service from these areas. If you are in a dead zone, you might experience problems like call dropping, difficulty accessing the internet, slow messaging, poor voice clarity, etc. Living in dead zones can be a very frustrating experience for you, as you will not be able to make calls, or access the internet at your convenience.

Different factors can result in the development of dead zones. Some of the important reasons among them include:

Distance From The Cell Tower

The strength of the signal will decrease when the distance from the cell tower increases. Hence, if you are living in an area where there is a long distance from the cell tower, then you might be in a dead zone.


Geographic features like mountains, hills, bluffs, and even trees can block cell signals from reaching your phone. Hence, they can also result in dead zones.

Environmental factors like snow, heavy rain, fog, etc. can also block the cell signals. Hence, you might also experience poor cell reception because of these factors.

Construction Materials

Building construction materials like brick, concrete, steel materials, etc. can prevent the signals from entering the building. Hence, it can create dead zones inside your building.

Metal And Glass In Vehicles

You might experience dead zones inside your vehicles because of the blocking of the signals by the metal and glass in the vehicles.

How Cell Signal Booster Can Help You?

Cell signal boosters can help you to avoid the problems associated with dead zones that are caused by different reasons. These devices can accept signals even from long distances and transmit them inside your building or vehicle. Therefore, you will be able to get uninterrupted signals even in dead zones. Hence, cellular signal boosters can help you to avoid dropped calls and other issues associated with dead zones.