Ways To Boost Cellular Signal In A Vehicle

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We spend a good number of hours commuting from one place to another. Our day starts with driving to our office and back to home in the evening. You might have to travel even during working hours- depending on the nature of your work. Some jobs require you to travel to your client who might be living two hours from your workplace. In short, travelling is an unavoidable part of our worklife.

What about your family? You have to drop your kids off at their school and of course, bring them back too. Most of the kids today actively engage in learning other skills after school hours. This too requires you to drop and bring them back. In short, we spend a considerable amount of our time in our vehicle- be it a car, jeep or any form of public transport.

What about your mobile phone? Do you think you will need it during traveling? Calling to confirm the location of your client will require mobile services. You need mobile services to pick up your kid’s call after her/his music class. You will also need these services when you try to access the internet! Imagine you not receiving strong cellular signal inside your vehicle while travelling. It can be frustrating right? Worry not, there are ways to tackle low cell reception while travelling.

Move It Around

If you are driving your car and your phone is beside you, move it a little more to the passenger seat, then to the back seats to check whether your cellular reception is increasing or not. Avoid objects around you that could potentially block the carrier signals from reaching your phone.

Find A Safe Place To Stop

It was reported several times how it is difficult to detect carrier signals when the phone is in motion. So, stop the vehicle and stay in the same place for a minute. If your phone doesn’t detect signal inside the car, try stepping out. You can also check for cellular reception near the car.

Change From 4G to 3G

Since the number of people using 4G services is higher than those using 3G, it will be easier to receive strong signals if you change from 4G to 3G.

Cellular Signal Booster

The most reliable solution is to get a cellular signal booster. Also, make sure that you buy the best signal booster in the market to avoid problems.