Things That Can Affect Your Cell Phone Signal Strength

Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Having poor cell reception can be really frustrating as it can lead to different problems such as call dropping, slow messaging, poor internet connectivity, etc. Hence, many people are now seeking the help of cell phone signal boosters for amplifying the signal and getting better connectivity. However, these signal boosters improve cell coverage based on the signal strength they receive. Hence, if the signal strength is very poor, then the performance of these cell phone signal boosters will be also minimal.

There are certain factors that can affect your signal quality. Hence, we list some of the major factors that will affect your cell reception for your knowledge.

Distance From The Tower

Your cell phones communicate with the tower through radio waves. Hence, these radio waves will get weaker based on the distance they travel. Therefore, if you are far away from a cell tower, the signal you receive will be weak. The farther you are, the weaker the signals will be.


Weather can also play a significant role in reducing the cell phone signal strength. You might have noticed that your cell reception becoming low if the weather is bad. Different weather and seasonal conditions such as heavy snow, rain, storms or even trees that are in bloom can affect the signal strength.

Network Traffic

If there is a large number of people using the same network at a particular time, then your cell phone signal might be low. This is because, a lot of people will be competing for the same bandwidth in a specific area. You might have noticed your signal strength increasing in the night even if there was only a poor signal strength during the day. As the number of people using the bandwidth during the night will be low compared to the day time, you will get better cell reception during the night.

Physical Barriers

Different physical barriers such as hills, mountains, buildings, etc. can also block your signals. In addition to this, building materials like concrete walls, metal panels and certain types of glass may absorb or reflect the signals.

Strain On The Band Width

The number of apps on your mobile phone can also affect your signal significantly. Apps that are not closed will run in the background and they can eat up your bandwidth and signal. Notifications from all these applications might also drain your signal. Free apps will use more bandwidth and signal as they carry different advertisements.