Say Goodbye To Sluggish Wi-Fi Signal

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Wireless Signal Booster
Wireless Signal Booster
Wireless Signal Booster

If your browsing speed has come down to a crawl or if you are unable to stream most of your all-time favourite videos, you have arrived at the correct place. There are numerous tools that will allow you to run a speed test of your internet connection. However, here are a few quick and easy fixes, which will enable you to optimize the network.

Router Firmware Upgrade

That’s right! Maybe the issue here is an out-dated router. It is a normal practice of the manufacturers of these routers, to tweak their software so that their router performs faster. If that is the case then all you need to do is to update your router. This is an easy task which requires visiting the administration interface and clicking on the firmware update tab. As far as the older models are concerned, downloading of a firmware file might be needed.

Router Placement

It is a known fact that, wireless coverage more or less depends on where the router is placed. Each room is created differently. Placing the router in the biggest room or by the window would not really offer much help, as the case maybe. A router performs best when kept distant from walls and other such obstructions. Thus it is recommended that the router be placed in the centre of the house so that its signal can get better coverage. Furthermore, for routers with antennas on it exteriors, it is best to vertically orient them for great coverage.


Majority of the routers these days come with dual-bands. The best possible solution to the persisting problem is to switch from the default 2.4GHz band to a frequency that is not used commonly – 5GHz. Such an action will ensure that there is minimal or no interferences. And again, in order to change the frequency of your network, you will have to visit the administration interface of the network.

Change The Channel

Interferences are more common in areas which are densely populated. Other wireless signals can hugely interfere with and as a result impact the speed of your router. This causes signal congestion. A router which is set at an Auto mode will choose the channel with minimal signal congestion for you. If the Auto mode is not solving the signal problems for you, then you will have to select the channel manually. For this purpose, you are advised to visit your respective network’s admin interface.


Any decent router comes with a default set of Quality of Service (QoS) tools. With the help of this tool one can restrict the bandwidth which the apps use. So, you can use the QoS tool and prioritize file downloads over unimportant calls.

Obsolete Hardware

If you are someone with the mind-set that, there is no need to fix it unless it is broken; then it is high time you change! A change from your old and obsolete hardware might just be your fix. There is no logic behind expecting high performance with an old and rusted router. Therefore, always remember, a router with high quality won’t merely assist you with faster frequency; it will also help you with better channel selection and etc.

Now that you have your personal wireless signal booster in hand, let us get started with it.