How To Maximize The Performance Of Your Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

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Cell Phone Service Booster
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Cell phone signal boosters are devices that can help you to increase the strength of cell signals in areas where there is poor cell reception. You can use them in different places including your home, office, and vehicles to get maximize the signal quality. They can attract signals even from long distances and will transmit to the required areas. This will be beneficial for you to avoid different problems associated with poor cell reception like dropped calls, slow internet, etc.

The performance of cell phone boosters can be dependent on a large number of factors including the strength of the outside signal, the power of the amplifiers and antennas, etc. We provide you some tips that can be helpful for you to boost the performance of your cell signal boosters.

Perform A Field Survey

The performance of the cell phone signal boosters is greatly dependent on the strength of the outside signals they receive. Therefore, you have to install your outside antenna in a location where it can receive the maximum signals.

A field survey can help you to find a location with the maximum signal strength. For this, put your phone in field test mode and check different points for finding the area that receives maximum signals. This will help you to maximize the performance of your signal boosters.

Choose The Right Antennas

The performance of your antennas can also have a great impact on the signal quality provided by your cell signal boosters. Therefore, it is important to choose the right antennas that can fit your requirements.

There are two types of external antennas including omni-directional and uni-directional antennas. The omni-directional antenna can receive signals from all directions and it is suitable for use in places where there is moderate to good outside signal strength. The uni-directional antennas are more powerful and they receive signals from a particular direction. They are ideal for use in areas where there is very poor cell reception. Therefore, you have to choose an outside antenna based on your situation.

Similarly, there are different types of internal antennas too. The first is the dome antenna that can transmit signals in all directions, and the next is the panel antenna that broadcasts the signal in only one direction.

Minimize The Cable Length

The cable running from your outside antenna to the amplifier and amplifier to the inside antenna should be minimum. The strength of the signals can be reduced when it is traveling through the cables. Hence, it is better to keep the cable length minimum to have maximum performance.

The performance of the signals boosters can vary based on a large number of factors. Therefore, you have to provide the optimal working condition for your booster to have maximum performance.