How To Boost Mobile Signal

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How To Boost Mobile Signal
Signal Boosting Tips

Having quality signal is essential to talk over a mobile phone or use it for another purpose like browsing the web. People use their mobile device throughout a day and weak signal, slow internet or call drops can frustrate them. Have you been through any of these situations? If you have, you might be wondering about how to boost mobile signal. Here are some ways to make it better. These are not the obvious solutions for this issue, like going up a level or two, heading outside or switching your service provider.

Confirm The Device Is Working At Its Best

Update The Operating System

We sometimes choose not to update our mobile OS just because of the time or the data required for the process to finish. This can mean the device is not performing optimally because it lacks the latest corrections to any bugs and other things that enhance its functionality. You may be using a mobile phone with a previous version of the operating system. Have you checked if a newer version is available?

Disable Unused Services

Unused Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and another service can occasionally lead to issues. Problems can happen as the device tries to send data and calls over another service or enables other gadgets to eat into bandwidth required for clear calls or quick internet. So try turning off the services and check whether the signal is better as a result of this move.

Enable And Disable Flight Mode

The action will make your device connect to the network again. Do this when the signal in your place should be good and yet, you are not getting it. In this case, you should consider putting your device in flight mode for a while and disabling the mode.

Go Down The Technical Route

Check Your Mobile Device For Damage

When good service is available for others in your place using the same telecom service provider as yours and unavailable for you, your device might just be damaged. In this case, your safest option is to take the phone to the place where you bought it and get the device checked by the technician. If it is not working properly, you might have to purchase a fresh mobile device.

Use A Signal Boosting Device

A cell phone repeater draws signal available from outdoors, boosts it and spreads the stronger signal in your place of work or accommodation. It works with every network, does not have any recurring charge, and is great for those who have mobile signal out of their office or residential building.