Materials That Block Cell Signal In A Building

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How is it that as soon as you leave your house, you can stream videos in HD without interruptions while you have to wait for a minimum of 5 minutes for the buffering to stop in your house? Your 4G network might be slower inside your office building than it is outside- despite the area having many cell towers nearby. Did you know that everything that comes in between the tower and your mobile phone acts as a barrier?

Here is a list of the things in a building that blocks mobile signals.


Typically, wood is used to create a rustic look. It is an expensive and high-maintenance material used in constructing a building. There are different types of wood and the number of signals it blocks depends on its thickness. Usually, -5 dB to -12 dB is observed to have reduced. By using plywood, you are letting more signals pass as the signal strength reduces by only -4 dB to -6 dB.


Metals are an inevitable part of a building- especially its foundation. Metals sometimes make windows and doors too. It reduces the signal by -32 dB to -50 dB.


Glass has been used both in traditional and modern houses. Contemporary houses have walls made of thick glass whereas you will see glasses only in the windows in old houses. Glass does not block signals, they are refracted. In general, a glass refracts around -4 dB signals. Tinted glass causes a loss of around -24 dB to -40 dB.


Like metals, concrete is an essential part of many buildings. A huge percent of buildings constructed now use concrete for several reasons and in many ways making it an irreplaceable and unavoidable part of a building. The average loss caused by concrete is -10 dB to – 20 dB.


Bricks are the building blocks of a building that make up the walls. The chances of the brick wall of your building reducing your signal strength are high since it covers a very huge area. The loss created will be between -10 dB to -28 dB.

As these are necessary to construct a building, getting a cellular signal booster is the most effective and reliable option. A cellular signal booster will amplify the carrier signals from the tower and make them available for your phone to detect. You can get 4G LTE booster, or 3G booster, or a 2G booster depending on the network your use.