How To Boost Cell Phone Strength In 4 Simple Steps

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A cell phone without a decent cell phone signal is like a ham sandwich without ham. There are many things that a cell phone can do, but the minute the phone struggles to hold a decent signal, all hell breaks loose. Most of the functionalities of the modern smart phone are linked to the internet in some way or form. Not being able to access the internet, cut deep into what a smart phone can do.

There are however a few ways in which you can boost cell signal and ensure that you can tap into the full potential of your cell phone. Read on…

Change To A Different Network Carrier

The cell tower of one particular network might be choked due to insanely high users in the vicinity of that tower. In such a case, the traffic load is just too high for the cell tower to cater to the needs of every signal. If you live in such a place, then it would make sense to switch to another network carrier, one that has fewer users connecting to the cell tower near you. The option to switch is also frequently promoted and new network providers even throw in exciting offers and discounts.

Upgrade To A New Phone

Phones nowadays are packed with newer and more advanced telecommunication tech. upgrading to a new phone if you have been using one for the past several years would definitely help improve the overall quality of the signal. Smart phones released now have high speed data over LTE, voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-Fi calling and many more functions to help ease your communication problems.

Ask Your Carrier For A Microcell

If you have no signal anywhere near where you live, but you have a high speed, quality broadband internet connection, then chances are that you can utilise a microcell or a network extender from your network provider. A microcell is a device that will connect to the broadband connection and make any intimation over the internet, rather than over the cell network. It is not a perfect solution, but if you are scratching the bottom of the barrel then this makes sense.

Get A Call Booster

Getting a 4G cell phone signal booster or a call booster will help you manage most of the problems that you may be facing with your cell phone regarding reception strength. It is a one-time investment that will last you for quite some years. It can work with any network provider and any cell phone.