Different Cell Signal Booster Accessories You Need To Know

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Cell signal boosters are now widely being used by people who face different problems associated with poor cell reception. These devices can be of great help to you if you are experiencing dropped calls, poor internet connectivity, etc. because of low signal quality inside your building. Signal boosters are capable of receiving signals even from long distances for providing you better connectivity.

Cell phone signal boosters are simple devices that can be used easily even if you do not have much technical expertise. It consists of only a few parts like an external antenna (for collecting signals from outside), an amplifier (for boosting the incoming signals), an internal antenna (for transmitting the boosted signals), and cables for connecting.

Even though signal boosters mainly consist of parts mentioned above, you might need the help of some additional accessories in certain circumstances. Therefore, we are listing some of such commonly used accessories in cell signal boosters.

Cell Signal Booster Accessories

There is a wide range of signal booster accessories that can be useful for you in different circumstances. Some of them are listed below:


Your booster is designed to amplify an acceptable range of signals. If the strength of the incoming signals is beyond this range, then it can significantly affect the performance of your signal booster. The high signal strength can result in overload problems, which will cause your booster to shut itself down. Therefore, it is important for you to control the strength of the signals for regaining the performance of your boosters.

An attenuator can be useful for you in this situation. These are devices that are designed to reduce the strength of the incoming signals. You might need one or more attenuators based on the signal strength.

Attenuators are usually installed between the external antenna and the amplifier. Most manufacturers provide attenuators of 5db, 10db, and 20db that you can choose based on your requirements.

Signal Meters

It is a widely known fact that your cell boosters cannot create signals themselves. They can only amplify the existing signals. Therefore, to get maximum performance from your signal boosters, you have to install your external antenna in a spot where it receives maximum signals from your carrier.

Signal meters can help to find out an apt location for placing your external antenna, as it can measure the signal strength present in different locations. In addition to this, it can also help you to find the direction from which you are receiving the strongest signals.

These devices can support 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals from different carriers. Therefore, this accessory can help you to maximize the performance of your signal boosters.

Splitter And Tap

Splitters can be useful for you if you want to use more than one internal antenna for the same booster. They can equally distribute the signals between different antennas. However, splitter works when all the internal antennas are at the same distance from the amplifier.

If your antennas are at unequal distances, then taps can be beneficial for you. For instance, if one antenna is placed near the amplifier and the other one is situated at a long distance from the amplifier, then it requires stronger signals than the first one, as the strength of the signals will be considerably reduced when they are traveling through the cables. Taps can be useful for you in this situation, as they can transmit stronger signals to antennas that are located at long distances from the amplifier than antennas that are close to it.


As the name suggests, they are used for combining the signals. It can help you when you have more than one external antennas for a single amplifier. It can combine the signals from these antennas and deliver it to the amplifier.

This device can also be useful for you if you use multiple amplifiers for the same internal antenna. The combiner will combine the signals from different amplifiers and will transmit to the internal antenna for broadcasting.

Antenna Mounts

Mounts can hold your antenna in place. It is important to place your external antennas as high as possible, and antenna mounts can be useful for this purpose. Wall mounts and pole mounts are two popular categories of mounts. Similarly, you can get magnetic mounts that can be fixed on metal surfaces and they create the best option for mounting antenna in vehicles. In addition to this, you can also get glass mounts, window mounts, etc. which can cater to your specific requirements. First, you need to mark a location for your antenna, then choose a mount suitable for that location.

Different accessories are available for cell signal boosters that you might need in various circumstances. These accessories can be useful for you to improve the performance of your boosters and you can choose these accessories based on your requirements.