A Guide For Installing Cell Phone Booster In A Car

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Sometimes it is impossible to contact a friend or a family member when you are traveling. This is because you won’t get a proper cell signal in remote locations because of the lack of adequate cell towers. People who travel often find it hard to stay in contact with their friends and family while they are traveling.

There are several reasons for not getting proper cell reception while you travel in a car. One of the main reasons is that you are constantly moving and your cell phone cannot stay connected with a cell tower for too long for you to make calls or browse the internet. If you want to stay connected with your friends and families while traveling, use a signal booster in your car.

What Is A Signal Booster?

It is an electronic device that is used to maximize the strength of the available cell signals. This device mainly enhances the cell receptions of confined spaces. Signal boosters have three components that are necessary for improving cellular reception. They are – an external and an internal antenna, and an amplifier unit.

The external antenna of the signal booster is developed for seizing the cellular signals coming from the cell tower. The captured cell signal will be sent to the amplifier unit, where its strength will be increased. The boosted cell signal will then be redistributed by the internal antenna.

A signal booster can be used to amplify cell signals in any type of space. It can be used for improving the cell reception in a single room to a whole building. It can also be installed in a car because you won’t get proper cell signals when you travel through remote areas.

Tips For Installing A In-vehicle Cell Phone Booster

Do A Soft Installation First

You have to install all the components of the cell phone booster in a confined space. The soft installation will give you an idea of where each component of the cell phone booster should go. This will allow you to figure out the best location for the amplifier unit and internal antenna, which is to be installed inside the car. The soft installation will also help to determine how much cable should be used for connecting the components.

Install The External Antenna On The Roof

The external antenna of the in-vehicle signal boosters should always be installed outside the car. It is better to mount the external antenna on the roof of the car because if you install the antenna in the car, the metal body and glass windows of the car will block the cell signals from coming inside and the signal booster won’t have any form of cell signal to amplify.

You need to make sure that the external antenna is not installed near any other antennas. This is because the external antenna may capture the signals emitted by another antenna if placed near them and cause oscillation, which can damage your signal booster.

Install The Amplifier Unit

Before you install the amplifier unit of the in-vehicle signal booster, you need to find a suitable location for it. Ensure that the location you have chosen is not taking up too much of the limited space available. It is usually recommended to install the amplifier unit under the seat. That way, you can save so much space.

However, you have to also consider the cable that runs from the external antenna. Some people also install the amplifier unit under the dash, which is also a great option to save space. Make sure that any location you choose for the amplifier unit should be away from direct sunlight.

Install The Internal Antenna

Usually, people install the internal antenna of the cell phone booster at the backside of the car for saving space. However, it will not be very effective as the amplified cell signals won’t reach all the cell signals inside the car equally.

Installing the internal antenna of the device in a central position is advisable. Since the internal antenna can redistribute the cell signals equally to all directions, installing it in a central location will ensure that all the devices in the car get the amplified cell signals equally.

Connect The Components

The next step in the installation process is connecting the antennas of the cell phone booster to the amplifier unit. Both the internal as well as the external antennas are connected to the amplifier unit using coaxial cables. The cable should not be too long because the length of the cable can affect the strength of the signal.

After connecting the antennas to the booster, plug-in the power cord to the amplifier first and then plug the other end of the cord into the power outlet. Remember to plug the cord on to the amplifier unit before plugging the other end of the cord to the power outlet. And that’s that, you are set and ready!